Automated Reconciliation

With businesses coming under increasing pressure to improve efficiency, processing your income and fees manually can be extremely time consuming even if you only have a handful of transactions every month. 

Electronic remuneration statements have been available from many product providers for some time, although not all providers support the messaging service.  The electronic remuneration package available within CCD offers several options, enabling you to automate all remuneration statements received for your business.

The potential time savings benefit involved in automatically reconciling your fees and commissions should not be underestimated.  Reconciling your income to the last penny allows you to control your business for greater profitability.  Detailed information can be produced on the type and source of remuneration received across the business and for each individual client.

Benefits include:

  • Automatic reconciliation of commissions and fees
  • Setting your own parameters to flag when a payment would need to be investigated
  • Reduction of your admin overheads
  • Saving of significant time reconciling individual statements
  • The ability to log, track and reconcile all forms of income, initial and ongoing
  • Improved management information, increasing the value of your business