Group schemes

Synaptic Client Care Desktop offers corporate and commercial fact finds as well as fully integrated calculators to rapidly assess needs.

Client Care Desktop manages executive and company owned arrangements and also fully records employee benefit schemes. Intelligent navigation effortlessly guides the user to data entry screens that are relevant to the schemes being recorded.

The system supports SSAS and SIPP administration with multiple trustee investments, scheme borrowing and directly held assets such as property and loan-backs.

Client Care Desktop provides comprehensive Group Scheme support. Data can be exchanged electronically between Employers, Product Providers and Scheme Administrators significantly reducing the manual workload when updating scheme information.

The system imports and exports data in a universally acceptable (spreadsheet) format and group scheme data can be used to populate data within the system from scratch as well as being used to manage scheme reviews.

The scheme review wizard automatically updates leavers, joiners and salary reviews, calculates new benefits and even calculates and posts renewal and initial commissions.

Using the group scheme data import wizard not only cuts out manual data entry but also removes the opportunity for error.