Mortgage management

Synaptic Client Care Desktop provides efficient tracking of tasks and contains a mortgage / lending fact find. It offers the ability to manage linked sales and has dedicated support for products such as Buy-to-let and Equity release.

The system's features are comprehensive and include not just personal but also commercial lending products and tracking. The system manages situations as diverse as a personal investor's application for a simple repayment mortgage to a professional investor with a portfolio of buy-to-let properties.

Configurable tracking sets (task groups) put control into the hands of the user, as the system can be configured to support the operator's business process, rather than operators having to adjust procedures to fit in with the system.

Comprehensive compliance management features track the entire mortgage process from the initial enquiry, through fact finding and advice to completion of the loan. The system ensures that all key dates are recorded and, for compliance staff, offers a wizard based process for file review.

Mortgage management features

  • Support for mortgage packagers
  • Integration with mortgage sourcing package
  • Simple checklists guide users through compliance processes
  • User definable tracking sets (task groups)
  • Introducer management (case updates, commission splits etc.)
  • Focused Mortgage fact find
  • Record any adverse credit history and loan information
  • Record lender and schemes terms
  • Record linked products such as life assurance, buildings and contents cover plus ASU
  • Record rental income
  • Record professional and personal contact information
  • Review prompts for many events such as fixed rate expiry