Fund Manager Proposition

Linking fund managers, advisers and customers through research and technology

We serve the interests of advisers who require the products and services of Providers and vice versa. Foremost, we are a technology company whose core skills are dealing with data, IT infrastructure and creating software solutions.

The key areas of support we offer to Fund Managers are:

Product and Fund Research

Our product research team is accepted to be the leading resource of its kind in the industry, making our research tools market leaders in their fields:

  • providers subscribe to our tools to gain an 'adviser's view' of the market, and of course perform their own whole of market research; either to monitor the competition, or support their product development;

  • over 250 pension, investment and protection products are available for detailed research, comparison and reporting;

  • over 100,000 OEICS / Unit Trusts / ETFs are available for graphing, reporting and portfolio construction

Investment Risk Rating

  • the Synaptic team have designed a new Risk Rating service that offers opportunities to Fund Managers and Promoters; 
  • the Synaptic Risk framework is based on the Moody’s Analytics (formerly Barrie + Hibbert) stochastic engine rather than the ‘volatility as proxy for risk with qualitative overlay’;
  • the future performance of funds, portfolios and other ‘Synthetic Risk Instruments’ can be plotted by projecting on asset allocation;
  • any Provider or Fund Manager that wishes to be included in the table can be done so inexpensively
  • participating Providers include Canada Life, Fidelity, L&G IM, Premier, Quilter Cheviot and 7im.

Portfolio Management

part of the Synaptic Research Suite:

  • allows holdings data to be used across several of the Synaptic research modules
  • can be used as a standalone industry utility

Direct to Consumer technology

The technology that underpins the Synaptic infrastructure and the Synaptic Webline portal is built to be flexible:

  • manage messaging, data management, organizational control, dynamic data capture and processing in real time
  • our expertise in the build and delivery of user journeys can be drawn upon by those wishing to access this fast growing sector
  • Synaptic investment and financial planning capabilities are able to be adapted to use in consumer facing websites.


Synaptic Software have a trusted relationship with thousands of advisers and brokers and are able to work with Fund Managers in a variety of different ways:

  • publication of editorial content in various print and digital formats including the well established industry title Connection Magazine
  • Email broadcast to over 12k marketing database
  • Banner advertising on portal

Examples of Connection Magazine editorial:

Capita Connection Magazine Q4 2014 - Premier article


If you wish to speak to us regarding inclusion in the Synaptic Risk Rating Service, or our Connection magazine publication, please contact us on 0800 783 4477.