Synaptic Comparator: On and off platform provider illustrations

Here are a few reasons why Synaptic Comparator is the leading illustration tool, capable of capturing costs more accurately than any other tool on a case-by-case basis:

All the pricing is verified by the providers

Including various scenarios that Synaptic researchers run to compare with the providers' own calculations.

This is why Comparator illustrations are identical to the providers' own, where other tools that compile charges from brochures and screen scrapes are not.

Synaptic tracks the availability and cost of share classes

You can determine whether specific share classes are used or the cheapest in every situation, by using parent or child.

With compounding, small variations can make big impacts on projections over years, so accuracy is important. Some advisers and paraplanners believe that they can accurately capture charging in a spreadsheet. This can't be easily replicated in our view, given that a typical Comparator calculation can include hundreds of thousands of computations, nor can it be replicated across multiple on-and-off platform scenarios on a case-by-case basis (otherwise they too would have a department of dedicated researchers).

MifID is a game changer

Requiring detailed disclosure of costs. If ex-ante illustration is of poor quality, the review will be more difficult and require additional compliance scrutiny, leaving the problem of how to accurately access cost and performance, so get it right first time with Comparator!

Generic fund capability

You can work with specific investments or look at a 'generic fund' profile. This will allow you to examine pricing on platforms and products that is investment neutral.

Whole of market suitability

Comparator allows you to apply the full range of Synaptic product filters – to ensure you only assess platforms or products that are appropriate for your clients' scenario.

Understand the full impact of adviser fees

Synaptic Analyser: Results table with RIY values clearly indicated.

 Results table with RIY values clearly indicated.

Produce accurate R.I.Y calculations

Essential not only for disclosure on cost, but to pull through for accurate assessment of growth projections in Synaptic Modeller as part of stochastic projection using the Moody's Analytics model.

Comparator calculations are now available in the new Synaptic Analyser tool, combining cashflow modelling with drawdown calculations.

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