Synaptic Risk Rating Table

Cautious Moderately Cautious Balanced Moderately Adventurous Adventurous

Synaptic Risk Rating based on following analysis:
Strategic Asset Allocation Tactical Asset Allocation

Aberdeen Standard Capital


Conventional MPS 1
Conventional MPS 2
Conventional MPS 3
Conventional MPS 4
Conventional MPS 5

Aberdeen Standard Investments


MyPortfolio Index I
MyPortfolio Index II
MyPortfolio Index III
MyPortfolio Index IV
MyPortfolio Index V
MyPortfolio Index Plus I
MyPortfolio Index Plus II
MyPortfolio Index Plus III
MyPortfolio Index Plus IV
MyPortfolio Index Plus V
MyPortfolio Select I
MyPortfolio Select II
MyPortfolio Select III
MyPortfolio Select IV
MyPortfolio Select V

Aberdeen Standard Investments (ASI) (Previously Standard Life Investments)


ASI MyFolio Market I
ASI MyFolio Market II
ASI MyFolio Market III
ASI MyFolio Market IV
ASI MyFolio Market V
ASI MyFolio Managed I
ASI MyFolio Managed II
ASI MyFolio Managed III
ASI MyFolio Managed IV
ASI MyFolio Managed V
ASI MyFolio Multi-Manager I
ASI MyFolio Multi-Manager II
ASI MyFolio Multi-Manager III
ASI MyFolio Multi-Manager IV
ASI MyFolio Multi-Manager V
ASI MyFolio Monthly Income II
ASI MyFolio Monthly Income III
ASI MyFolio Monthly Income IV
ASI MyFolio Index I
ASI MyFolio Index II
ASI MyFolio Index III
ASI MyFolio Index IV
ASI MyFolio Index V


Aegon Conservative Core Portfolio
Aegon Cautious Core Portfolio
Aegon Balanced Core Portfolio
Aegon Balanced Plus Core Portfolio
Aegon Growth Core Portfolio
Aegon Growth Plus Core Portfolio
Aegon Adventurous Core Portfolio

AJ Bell

VT AJ Bell Passive Cautious fund

VT AJ Bell Passive Moderately Cautious fund

VT AJ Bell Passive Balanced fund

VT AJ Bell Passive Moderately
Adventurous fund

VT AJ Bell Passive Adventurous fund

VT AJ Bell Passive Global Growth fund

VT AJ Bell Income fund

VT AJ Bell Income & Growth fund

AJ Bell Passive MPS 1

AJ Bell Passive MPS 2

AJ Bell Passive MPS 3

AJ Bell Passive MPS 4

AJ Bell Passive MPS 5

AJ Bell Passive MPS 6

AJ Bell Passive MPS Income 1

AJ Bell Passive MPS Income 2

AJ Bell Active MPS 1

AJ Bell Active MPS 2

AJ Bell Active MPS 3

AJ Bell Active MPS 4

AJ Bell Active MPS 5

AJ Bell Active MPS 6

AJ Bell Active MPS Income 1

AJ Bell Active MPS Income 2

AJ Bell Pactive MPS 1

AJ Bell Pactive MPS 2

AJ Bell Pactive MPS 3

AJ Bell Pactive MPS 4

AJ Bell Pactive MPS 5

AJ Bell Pactive MPS 6


MA Passive Prudent
MA Passive Reserve
MA Passive Moderate
MA Passive Intermediate
MA Passive Progressive
MA Passive Growth
MA Passive Dynamic
MA Blended Reserve
MA Blended Moderate
MA Blended Intermediate
MA Blended Progressive
MA Blended Growth
MA Active Reserve
MA Active Moderate Income
MA Active Intermediate Income
MA Active Progressive
MA Active Growth
MA Active Dynamic
Architas Positive Future

Aviva Investors

Smooth Managed Fund

BMO Global Asset Management

BMO Universal MAP Defensive
BMO MM Navigator Growth Fund
BMO MM Navigator Balanced Fund
BMO MM Navigator Cautious Fund
BMO MM Navigator Distribution Fund
BMO MM Navigator Boutiques Fund
BMO Universal MAP Adventurous
BMO Universal MAP Balanced
BMO Universal MAP Cautious
BMO Universal MAP Growth
BMO Universal MAP Income
Pyrford Global Total Return (Sterling)
Sustainable Universal MAP Balanced
Sustainable Universal MAP Cautious
Sustainable Universal MAP Growth
BMO MM Lifestyle 3 Fund
BMO MM Lifestyle 4 Fund
BMO MM Lifestyle 5 Fund
BMO MM Lifestyle 6 Fund
BMO MM Lifestyle 7 Fund

BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Diversified Return
BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Income
BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Balanced
BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Growth
BNY Mellon Multi-Asset Global Balanced
BNY Mellon Global Dynamic Bond
BNY Mellon Global Dynamic Bond Income
BNY Mellon Real Return

Brewin Dolphin

Cautious Higher Equity
Income Higher Equity
Balanced MPS
Growth MPS
Global Equity MPS
Cautious Passive+
Cautious Higher Equity Passive+
Income Passive+
Income Higher Equity Passive +
Balanced Passive+
Growth Passive+
Global Equity Passive+

Brooks Macdonald

MPS Low Risk (Defensive Income)
MPS Low Medium Risk (Income & Growth)
MPS Low Medium Risk (Income)
MPS Medium Risk (Income)
MPS Medium Risk (Income & Growth)
MPS Medium Risk (Passive)
MPS Medium High Risk
MPS Medium High Risk (Passive)
MPS High Risk (Growth)
IFSL BM Defensive Income
IFSL BM Cautious Growth
IFSL BM Balanced
IFSL BM Strategic Growth
IFSL BM Defensive Capital
MPS Low Medium Risk (Passive)
MPS RIS Low Medium Risk
MPS RIS Medium Risk
MPS RIS Medium High Risk

Canada Life Investments

LF Canlife Portfolio III
LF Canlife Portfolio IV
LF Canlife Portfolio V
LF Canlife Portfolio VI
LF Canlife Portfolio VII
Canlife Portfolio 3
Canlife Portfolio 4
Canlife Portfolio 5
Canlife Portfolio 6
Canlife Portfolio 7
LF Canlife Managed 0%-35%
Canlife Managed 0%-35%
LF Canlife Managed 20%-60%
Canlife Portfolio 3 TRA
Canlife Portfolio 4 TRA
Canlife Portfolio 5 TRA
Canlife Portfolio 6 TRA
Canlife Portfolio 7 TRA
Canlife Managed 0%-35% TRA
Canlife Managed 20%-60% TRA
Canlife Diversified Monthly Income

Carmignac Risk Managers

FP Carmignac Emerging Markets
FP Carmignac Emerging Discovery
FP Carmignac Emerging Patrimoine
FP Carmignac Patrimoine
FP Carmignac European Leaders
FP Carmignac Unconstrained Global Bond

Cazenove Capital

Cazenove Cautious Portfolio
Cazenove Balanced Portfolio
Cazenove Balanced Income Portfolio
Cazenove Growth Portfolio
Cazenove Aggressive Portfolio
Cazenove Equity Risk Portfolio
Cazenove Cautious Active/Passive Portfolio
Cazenove Balanced Active/Passive Portfolio
Cazenove Growth Active/Passive Portfolio
Cazenove Aggressive Active/Passive Portfolio
Cazenove Equity Risk Active/Passive Portfolio

Charles Stanley

Dynamic Passive

Dynamic Passive 1
Dynamic Passive 2
Dynamic Passive 3
Dynamic Passive 4
Dynamic Passive 5

Charles Stanley

Multi Manager

Multi Manager Income 1
Multi Manager Income 2
Multi Manager Income 3
Multi Manager Income 4
Multi Manager Income 5
Multi Manager Total Return 1
Multi Manager Total Return 2
Multi Manager Total Return 3
Multi Manager Total Return 4
Multi Manager Total Return 5

Charles Stanley

Pan Dynamic

PanDynamic Defensive
PanDynamic Cautious Balanced
PanDynamic Balanced
PanDynamic Moderate Growth
PanDynamic Growth
PanDynamic Aggressive
PanDynamic Income

Clever MPS

8AM Clever MPS 3
8AM Clever MPS 4
8AM Clever MPS 5
8AM Clever MPS 6
8AM Clever MPS 7

Close Brothers

Close Managed Growth Fund
Close Managed Balanced Fund
Close Managed Income Fund
Close Managed Conservative Fund
Close Tactical Select Passive Growth Fund
Close DMS Growth
Close Tactical Select Passive Balanced Fund
Close DMS Balanced
Close Tactical Select Passive Conservative Fund
Close DMS Income Plus
Close DMS Conservative
Close Bond Income Portfolio Fund
Close Growth Portfolio Fund
Close Balanced Portfolio Fund
Close Conservative Portfolio Fund
Close Diversified Income Portfolio Fund

Fidelity International

Multi Asset Allocator Defensive
Multi Asset Allocator Strategic
Multi Asset Allocator Growth
Multi Asset Allocator Adventurous
Multi Asset Allocator World
Multi Asset Open Defensive
Multi Asset Open Strategic
Multi Asset Open Growth
Multi Asset Open Adventurous
Open World
Multi Asset Income
Multi Asset Balanced Income
Multi Asset Income & Growth

Goldman Sachs Asset Management

GS Global Multi Asset Conservative Portfolio
GS Global Multi Asset Balanced Portfolio
GS Global Multi Asset Growth Portfolio

HSBC Global Asset Management

HSBC Global Strategy Cautious
HSBC Global Strategy Conservative
HSBC Global Strategy Balanced
HSBC Global Strategy Dynamic
HSBC Global Strategy Adventurous
HSBC Global MPS Cautious
HSBC Global MPS Conservative
HSBC Global MPS Balanced
HSBC Global MPS Dynamic
HSBC Global MPS Adventurous
HSBC Global Sustainable Multi-Asset Conservative Portfolio
HSBC Global Sustainable Multi-Asset Balanced Portfolio



Invesco Asian Fund (UK)
Invesco Corporate Bond Fund (UK)
Invesco Distribution Fund (UK)
Invesco Global Bond Fund (UK)
Invesco Global Smaller Companies Fund (UK)
Invesco Global Targeted Returns Fund (UK)
Invesco High Income Fund (UK)
Invesco High Yield Fund (UK)
Invesco Hong Kong & China Fund (UK)
Invesco Income Fund (UK)
Invesco Latin American Fund (UK)
Invesco Managed Growth Fund (UK)
Invesco Managed Income Fund (UK)
Invesco Monthly Income Plus Fund (UK)
Invesco Pacific Fund (UK)
Invesco Tactical Bond Fund (UK)
Invesco UK Smaller Companies Equity Fund (UK)
Invesco UK Strategic Income Fund (UK)
Invesco Summit Growth 1 Fund (UK)
Invesco Summit Growth 2 Fund (UK)
Invesco Summit Growth 3 Fund (UK)
Invesco Summit Growth 4 Fund (UK)
Invesco Summit Growth 5 Fund (UK)



MPS 1 Income
MPS 2 Income
MPS 3 Income
MPS 4 Income
MPS 5 Income
MPS 6 Income
MPS 7 Income
MPS 8 Income
MPS 9 Income
MPS 10 Income
MPS 11 Income
MPS 1 Growth
MPS 2 Growth
MPS 3 Growth
MPS 4 Growth
MPS 5 Growth
MPS 6 Growth
MPS 7 Growth
MPS 8 Growth
MPS 9 Growth
MPS 10 Growth
MPS 11 Growth

Janus Henderson

Janus Henderson MA Absolute Return
Janus Henderson MM Distribution
Janus Henderson MM Income & Growth
Janus Henderson MM Managed
Janus Henderson MM Active
Janus Henderson Cautious Managed
Janus Henderson Core 3 Income
Janus Henderson Core 4 Income
Janus Henderson Core 5 Income
Janus Henderson Core 6 Income & Growth
Janus Henderson Global Sustainable Equity fund I Acc
Janus Henderson Institutional Global Responsible Managed fund I Acc

Jupiter Asset Management

Jupiter Absolute Return
Jupiter Strategic Bond
Jupiter Distribution
Jupiter Monthly Alternative Income
Jupiter Merlin Conservative Portfolio
Jupiter Merlin Income Portfolio
Jupiter Merlin Balanced Portfolio
Jupiter Merlin Growth Portfolio
Jupiter Merlin Worldwide Portfolio

LGT Vestra

MPS – Defensive
MPS – Cautious
MPS – Balanced
MPS – Growth
MPS – Adventurous
MPS – Strategic Income
Volare Defensive Fund
Volare Cautious Fund
Volare Balanced Fund
Volare Growth Fund
Volare Strategic Income Fund
Sustainable MPS – Cautious
Sustainable MPS – Balanced
Sustainable MPS – Growth



MPS Growth 1
MPS Growth 2
MPS Growth 3
MPS Growth 4
MPS Growth 5
MPS Growth 6
MPS Growth 7
MPS Growth 8
MPS Income 1
MPS Income 2
MPS Income 3
MPS Income 4
MPS Income 5
MPS Income 6
MPS Dynamic Beta 1
MPS Dynamic Beta 2
MPS Dynamic Beta 3
MPS Dynamic Beta 4
MPS Dynamic Beta 5
MPS Dynamic Beta 6
MPS Dynamic Beta 7
MPS Dynamic Beta 8



WSS Risk Grade 1
WSS Risk Grade 2
WSS Risk Grade 3
WSS Risk Grade 4
WSS Risk Grade 5
WSS Risk Grade 6
WSS Risk Grade 7
WSS Risk Grade 8
WSS Risk Grade 9
WSS Risk Grade 10
WSS Income 1
WSS Income 2
WSS Income 3
WSS Income 4
WSS Income 5
WSS Income 6
WSS Dynamic Beta 1
WSS Dynamic Beta 2
WSS Dynamic Beta 3
WSS Dynamic Beta 4
WSS Dynamic Beta 5
WSS Dynamic Beta 6
WSS Dynamic Beta 7
WSS Dynamic Beta 8
WSS Dynamic Beta 9
WSS Dynamic Beta 10


Flexible Guaranteed Funds Cautious
Flexible Guaranteed Funds Balanced
Flexible Guaranteed Managed Growth
Balanced Index




Morningstar Cautious Active Portfolio
Morningstar Moderately Cautious Active Portfolio
Morningstar Moderate Active Portfolio
Morningstar Moderately Adventurous Active Portfolio
Morningstar Adventurous Active Portfolio
Morningstar Cautious Passive Portfolio
Morningstar Moderately Cautious Passive Portfolio
Morningstar Moderate Passive Portfolio
Morningstar Moderately Adventurous Passive Portfolio
Morningstar Adventurous Passive Portfolio
Morningstar Moderately Cautious Income Portfolio
Morningstar Moderate Income Portfolio
Morningstar Multi-Asset Real Return 100
Morningstar Multi-Asset Real Return 300
Morningstar Multi-Asset Real Return 500
Morningstar Multi-Asset Real Return Flexible
Governed Portfolio – Cautious Growth
Governed Portfolio – Moderately Cautious Growth
Governed Portfolio – Moderate Growth
Governed Portfolio – Moderately Adventurous Growth
Governed Portfolio – Adventurous Growth
Governed Portfolio – Moderately Cautious Income
Morningstar ESG – Cautious Portfolio
Morningstar ESG – Moderately Cautious Portfolio
Morningstar ESG – Moderate Portfolio
Morningstar ESG – Moderately Adventurous Portfolio
Morningstar ESG – Adventurous Portfolio

Ninety One (Previously Investec Asset Management)

Diversified Income Fund
Diversified Growth Fund
Cautious Managed Fund
Global Multi-Asset Total Return Fund
UK Special Situations
UK Alpha
Global Strategic Equity

Premier Miton Investors


Premier Multi-Asset Conservative Growth
Premier Multi-Asset Absolute Return Fund
Premier Multi-Asset Distribution Fund
Premier Multi-Asset Monthly Income Fund
Premier Multi-Asset Growth & Income Fund
Premier Multi-Asset Global Growth Fund
Premier UK Money Market Fund
Premier Defensive Growth Fund
Premier Corporate Bond Monthly Income Fund
Premier Diversified Balanced Growth Fund
Premier Diversified Cautious Growth Fund
Premier Diversified Dynamic Growth Fund
Premier Diversified Growth Fund
Premier Diversified Income Fund
Premier Liberation IV Fund
Premier Liberation V Fund
Premier Liberation VI Fund
Premier Liberation VII Fund

Premier Miton Investors


Premier Capital Builder Portfolio
Premier Capital Builder Plus Portfolio
Premier Income and Growth Portfolio
Premier Income Portfolio
Premier Conservative Portfolio
Premier High Income Portfolio
Premier Balanced Portfolio
Premier Balanced Plus Portfolio
Premier Growth Portfolio
Premier Growth Plus Portfolio
Premier Dynamic Growth Portfolio


PruFund Cautious
PruFund Protected Cautious
PruFund Growth
PruFund Protected Growth
PruFund Risk Managed 1
PruFund Risk Managed 2
PruFund Risk Managed 3
PruFund Risk Managed 4
PruFund Risk Managed 5
WP Optimum Return
Risk Managed Active 1
Risk Managed Active 2
Risk Managed Active 3
Risk Managed Active 4
Risk Managed Active 5
Risk Managed Passive 1
Risk Managed Passive 2
Risk Managed Passive 3
Risk Managed Passive 4
Risk Managed Passive 5

Quilter Cheviot

MPS Global Growth
MPS Growth
MPS Balanced
MPS Global Income
MPS Income
MPS Conservative
MPS Cautious
IDX Growth
IDX Balanced
IDX Income
IDX Conservative
MPS Global Growth (Platform)
MPS Growth (Platform)
MPS Balanced (Platform)
MPS Global Income (Platform)
MPS Income (Platform)
MPS Conservative (Platform)
IDX Growth (Platform)
IDX Balanced (Platform)
IDX Income (Platform)
IDX Conservative (Platform)

Quilter Investors

Quilter Investors Generation CPI+ 3 Portfolio
Quilter Investors Generation CPI+ 4 Portfolio
Quilter Investors Generation CPI+ 5 Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Conservative Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Balanced Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Moderate Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Dynamic Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Adventurous Portfolio
Quilter Investors Creation Conservative Portfolio
Quilter Investors Creation Balanced Portfolio
Quilter Investors Creation Moderate Portfolio
Quilter Investors Creation Dynamic Portfolio
Quilter Investors Creation Adventurous Portfolio
WealthSelect Active Managed Portfolio 3
WealthSelect Active Managed Portfolio 4
WealthSelect Active Managed Portfolio 5
WealthSelect Active Managed Portfolio 6
WealthSelect Active Managed Portfolio 7
WealthSelect Active Managed Portfolio 8
WealthSelect Active Managed Portfolio 9
WealthSelect Active Managed Portfolio 10
WealthSelect Blend Managed Portfolio 3
WealthSelect Blend Managed Portfolio 4
WealthSelect Blend Managed Portfolio 5
WealthSelect Blend Managed Portfolio 6
WealthSelect Blend Managed Portfolio 7
WealthSelect Blend Managed Portfolio 8
WealthSelect Blend Managed Portfolio 9
WealthSelect Blend Managed Portfolio 10
Quilter Investors Monthly Income Portfolio
Quilter Investors Monthly Income and Growth Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Conservative Blend Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Balanced Blend Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Moderate Blend Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Dynamic Blend Portfolio
Quilter Investors Cirilium Adventurous Blend Portfolio



Strategy 1
Strategy 2
Strategy 3
Strategy 4
Strategy 5
Strategy 6


Managed Portfolios

Balanced Plus
Equity Plus


Multi Asset

RMAP Total Return
RMAP Strategic Growth
RMAP Enhanced Growth
RMAP Strategic Income

Royal London

Global Multi Asset Portfolios

RL GMAP Conservative
RL GMAP Defensive
RL GMAP Balanced
RL GMAP Growth
RL GMAP Adventurous
RL GMAP Dynamic
Royal London Sustainable Managed Growth Trust
Royal London Sustainable Managed Income Trust
Royal London Sustainable World Trust
Royal London Sustainable Diversified Trust
Royal London Sustainable Leaders Trust

Royal London

Governed Portfolios

RL Governed Portfolio 1 (l)
RL Governed Portfolio 2
RL Governed Portfolio 3 (s)
RL Governed Portfolio 4 (l)
RL Governed Portfolio 5
RL Governed Portfolio 6 (s)
RL Governed Portfolio 7 (l)
RL Governed Portfolio 8
RL Governed Portfolio 9 (s)

RSMR Portfolio Services

RSMR Rfolio Defensive
RSMR Rfolio Cautious
RSMR Rfolio Prudent
RSMR Rfolio Balanced
RSMR Rfolio Growth
RSMR Rfolio Dynamic
RSMR Rfolio Adventurous
RSMR Rfolio Income
RSMR Rfolio SRI Cautious
RSMR Rfolio SRI Balanced
RSMR Rfolio SRI Dynamic

Russell Investments

Russell Investments Classic Plus Secure Model Portfolio
Russell Investments Classic Plus Cautious Model Portfolio
Russell Investments Classic Plus Conservative Model Portfolio
Russell Investments Classic Plus Moderate Model Portfolio
Russell Investments Classic Plus Balanced Model Portfolio
Russell Investments Classic Plus Progressive Model Portfolio
Russell Investments Classic Plus Adventurous Model Portfolio
Russell Investments Classic Plus Growth Model Portfolio
Russell Investments Classic Plus Aggressive Model Portfolio
Russell Investments Classic Plus Aggressive Plus Model Portfolio
Russell Investments Defensive Assets Fund
Russell Investments Real Assets Fund
Russell Investments UK Growth
Russell Investments International Growth
Russell Investments MA Growth 1
Russell Investments MA Growth 2
Russell Investments MA Growth 3
Russell Investments MA Growth 4
Russell Investments MA Growth 5
Russell Investments MA Income


2 Portfolio
2 Income Portfolio
3 Portfolio
3 Income Portfolio
4 Portfolio
4 Income Portfolio
5 Portfolio
5 Income Portfolio
6 Portfolio
7 Portfolio


Schroder MM Diversity
Schroder MM Diversity Balanced
Schroder MM Diversity Income
Schroder MM Diversity Tactical
Schroder MM International
Schroder MM UK Growth
Schroder Monthly Income Fund
Schroder Dynamic Multi Asset
Schroder Managed Balanced

Scottish Widows

Pension Portfolio 1
Pension Portfolio 2
Pension Portfolio 3
Pension Portfolio A
Pension Portfolio B
Pension Portfolio 4
Pension Portfolio C
Pension Portfolio 5
Premier Pension Portfolio 1
Premier Pension Portfolio 2
Premier Pension Portfolio 3
Premier Pension Portfolio A
Premier Pension Portfolio B
Premier Pension Portfolio 4
Premier Pension Portfolio C
Premier Pension Portfolio 5

Seven Investment Management (7IM)

Pathway 1
Pathway 2
Pathway 3
Pathway 4
Pathway 5
Moderately Cautious
Moderately Adventurous
Personal Injury

Smith & Williamson

S&W Defensive Portfolio - 3
S&W Defensive Income Portfolio - 4
S&W Balanced Income Portfolio - 5
S&W Balanced Growth Portfolio - 6
S&W Growth Portfolio - 7
S&W Dynamic Growth Portfolio - 8

Tilney for professionals

Strategy 1 (Defensive)
Strategy 2 (Conservative)
Strategy 3 (Income)
Strategy 4 (Balanced)
Strategy 5 (Growth)
Strategy 6 (Adventurous)
Strategy 7 (Maximum Growth)
Tilney Platform Model Defensive
Tilney Platform Model Conservative
Tilney Platform Model Cautious
Tilney Platform Model Balanced
Tilney Platform Model Growth
Tilney Platform Model Adventurous
Tilney Platform Model Maximum Growth
Tilney Platform Model Strategic Income
Tilney Platform Model Income & Growth

Time Investments

Commercial Long Income PAIF


Vanguard LifeStrategy 20%
Vanguard LifeStrategy 40%
Vanguard LifeStrategy 60%
Vanguard LifeStrategy 80%
Vanguard LifeStrategy 100%

Vitality Invest

VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser 3
VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser 4
VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser 5
VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser 6
VitalityInvest Risk Optimiser 7
Vitality Investec Multi-Asset Moderate
Vitality Investec Multi-Asset Balanced
Vitality Investec Multi-Asset Growth
Vitality Investec Multi-Asset Income
Vitality Investec Dynamic Multi-Asset

Waverton Investment Management

Waverton Conservative Model Portfolio
Waverton Defensive Model Portfolio
Waverton Cautious Model Portfolio
Waverton Balanced Model Portfolio
Waverton Growth Model Portfolio
Waverton Multi-Asset Income

(s) These portfolios were constructed with short investment timelines (5 year) in mind.
(l) These portfolios were constructed with longer investment timelines (15 year) in mind. Otherwise Synaptic Risk Ratings assume a 10 year investment horizon. You should consult Royal London directly for further information before recommending.

About the service: Synaptic Risk Ratings are worked out by analysing the underlying asset classes within the fund or portfolio. Synaptic Software have requested asset allocation information from participating providers in a specific format aligned to the risk framework of the system. These asset classes are used by the model to determine the risk rating, a process that may result in a level of approximation though in most cases this will be insignificant. It is also possible that certain asset classes may not be represented exactly in the manner that providers would prefer.

Reasonable endeavours are made to provide accuracy and consistency, however neither participating providers nor Synaptic Software can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. No recommendation should be made solely on the basis of the Synaptic Risk Ratings, and additional research should be undertaken for any case. This service is intended for use by investment professionals only.