Synaptic Risk Rating Tables

Cautious Moderately Cautious Balanced Moderately Adventurous Adventurous

Synaptic Risk Rating based on following analysis:
Strategic Asset Allocation Tactical Asset Allocation

abrdn (ASI) (Previously Aberdeen Standard Investments; Standard Life Investments)


ASI MyFolio Market I
ASI MyFolio Market II
ASI MyFolio Market III
ASI MyFolio Market IV
ASI MyFolio Market V
ASI MyFolio Managed I
ASI MyFolio Managed II
ASI MyFolio Managed III
ASI MyFolio Managed IV
ASI MyFolio Managed V
ASI MyFolio Multi-Manager I
ASI MyFolio Multi-Manager II
ASI MyFolio Multi-Manager III
ASI MyFolio Multi-Manager IV
ASI MyFolio Multi-Manager V
ASI MyFolio Monthly Income II
ASI MyFolio Monthly Income III
ASI MyFolio Monthly Income IV
ASI MyFolio Index I
ASI MyFolio Index II
ASI MyFolio Index III
ASI MyFolio Index IV
ASI MyFolio Index V
ASI MyFolio Sustainable I
ASI MyFolio Sustainable II
ASI MyFolio Sustainable III
ASI MyFolio Sustainable IV
ASI MyFolio Sustainable V

abrdn - Capital (previously Aberdeen Standard Capital)


abrdn MPS 1
abrdn MPS 2
abrdn MPS 3
abrdn MPS 4
abrdn MPS 5
abrdn Sustainable MPS 1
abrdn Sustainable MPS 2
abrdn Sustainable MPS 3
abrdn Sustainable MPS 4
abrdn Sustainable MPS 5

abrdn - Investments (previously Aberdeen Standard - Investments)


abrdn myportfolio Index I
abrdn myportfolio Index II
abrdn myportfolio Index III
abrdn myportfolio Index IV
abrdn myportfolio Index V
abrdn myportfolio Index Plus I
abrdn myportfolio Index Plus II
abrdn myportfolio Index Plus III
abrdn myportfolio Index Plus IV
abrdn myportfolio Index Plus V
abrdn myportfolio Select I
abrdn myportfolio Select II
abrdn myportfolio Select III
abrdn myportfolio Select IV
abrdn myportfolio Select V


Aegon Conservative Core Portfolio
Aegon Cautious Core Portfolio
Aegon Balanced Core Portfolio
Aegon Balanced Plus Core Portfolio
Aegon Growth Core Portfolio
Aegon Growth Plus Core Portfolio
Aegon Adventurous Core Portfolio
Risk Managed 1
Risk Managed 2
Risk Managed 3
Risk Managed 4
Risk Managed 5
Risk Managed 6

AJ Bell

VT AJ Bell Cautious fund
VT AJ Bell Moderately Cautious fund
VT AJ Bell Balanced fund
VT AJ Bell Moderately Adventurous fund
VT AJ Bell Adventurous fund
VT AJ Bell Global Growth fund
VT AJ Bell Income fund
VT AJ Bell Income & Growth fund
AJ Bell Passive MPS 1
AJ Bell Passive MPS 2
AJ Bell Passive MPS 3
AJ Bell Passive MPS 4
AJ Bell Passive MPS 5
AJ Bell Passive MPS 6
AJ Bell Passive MPS Income 1
AJ Bell Passive MPS Income 2
AJ Bell Active MPS 1
AJ Bell Active MPS 2
AJ Bell Active MPS 3
AJ Bell Active MPS 4
AJ Bell Active MPS 5
AJ Bell Active MPS 6
AJ Bell Active MPS Income 1
AJ Bell Active MPS Income 2
AJ Bell Pactive MPS 1
AJ Bell Pactive MPS 2
AJ Bell Pactive MPS 3
AJ Bell Pactive MPS 4
AJ Bell Pactive MPS 5
AJ Bell Pactive MPS 6

Aviva Investors

Smooth Managed Fund
Smooth Managed 2 Fund
MAF Core I
MAF Core V


(s) These portfolios were constructed with short investment timelines (5 year) in mind.
(l) These portfolios were constructed with longer investment timelines (15 year) in mind. Otherwise Synaptic Risk Ratings assume a 10 year investment horizon. You should consult Royal London directly for further information before recommending.

About the service: Synaptic Risk Ratings are worked out by analysing the underlying asset classes within the fund or portfolio. Synaptic Software have requested asset allocation information from participating providers in a specific format aligned to the risk framework of the system. These asset classes are used by the model to determine the risk rating, a process that may result in a level of approximation though in most cases this will be insignificant. It is also possible that certain asset classes may not be represented exactly in the manner that providers would prefer.

Reasonable endeavours are made to provide accuracy and consistency, however neither participating providers nor Synaptic Software can be held responsible for any errors or omissions. No recommendation should be made solely on the basis of the Synaptic Risk Ratings, and additional research should be undertaken for any case. This service is intended for use by investment professionals only.