5 Great Reasons to use Synaptic Webline

Webline has a wide range of functionality to make comparing and applying online for products easy for advisers. Here are a few you may not be familiar with.


This powerful functionality will allow advisers to discuss with their customers the benefits of being fully protected, covering all their needs within the one plan rather than focusing on the minimum life assurance to cover their mortgage.

Our multi-benefit service creates opportunities for advisers to display additional value to their clients (with potential lower total premiums), earn additional commission from additional cross sales, and reducing the administrative burden from writing multiple policies.

The following multi-benefit products will be available:

  • Bright Grey protection menu product
  • Friends Life protection account
  • Legal & General multi-benefit
  • Pru Protect multi-benefit

Advisers will be prompted to either produce a comparison for standalone products, or multi-benefit products from the outset. When selecting the standalone product comparison journey, Webline will also run a series of multi-benefit product comparisons allowing advisers to compare standalone products against the multi-benefit product offerings.

Webline Multi Benefit screenshot

Product types available

  • Term Assurance
  • Level Term (can include Critical Illness)
  • Decreasing Term
  • Convertible Term
  • Critical Illness – Family Income Benefit
  • Whole of Life – Income Protection
  • Business Protection

Annuity Quick Quote

With Webline's market leading and powerful annuity quoting functionality you can produce up to 80 quotes in a matter of seconds.

Webline's user friendly attitude towards Web based quotation and fulfilment services offers a "Quick Quote" function for annuities, which makes this already time saving solution even faster! However, Webline still offers a detailed (CQRF) Annuity quoting function in addition to this, giving you the best of both worlds.

All that is required is for you to fill out some very basic client details, the total fund/amount and, if required, the Escalation Type, Guaranteed Period and Widows Benefit (if quoting for a joint policy).

Webline then returns up to 80 quotes to compare all of the different options available that meet your annuity quote criteria. Then simply "click" to turn options on or off, clearly displaying to your client how the various features can affect the value of their likely annuity rate.

Webline Annuity Quick Quote screenshot

Income Protection

Webline's comprehensive Income Protection quote tool allows advisers to quote and compare 18 products from a panel of 10 providers.

On top of this it provides you with a fully comprehensive matrix of up to 130 quotes, based on our flexible deferment period options. By selecting more than one deferment period option on the quote form, each provider will return quotes for the respective deferment periods (as shown below).

This allows you to give your client the best deal possible based on their personal circumstances and needs.

As with our other quote forms on Webline, applying electronically is also available when using the income protection tool. Click on the premium from your chosen provider and deferment period, and obtain a personalised illustration for your client. You may then apply online (or "retrieve" this quote, and apply later on) – again, using Webline means that much of the client and product data already entered will be reused in the application itself, making life easier for you!

So using Webline means there's everything you need to provide income protection to your client from your PC or tablet!

Webline Income Protection screenshot

Applying online

Buying financial products online has never been easier with the help of Synaptic Webline.

Not only does the Synaptic Webline portal allow you to compare hundreds of online products against each other, you can also apply online directly into the chosen providers extranet saving time and effort usually spent re-keying data.

When using the Synaptic Webline portal, any client data that is captured in the service will be passed across into the chosen provider's adviser extranet, pre-populating the application form.

This online application functionality is available to every user who has a Webline account, and will be supported by providers that have online new business capability.

And another reason... it's free !!

Any user who subscribes to one of Synaptic Software's other services (Synaptic or CCD), will be able to enjoy all of the above benefits for free!

Subscribers to Synaptic Software's other services will be able to access the Synaptic Webline portal within one single sign-on service, making the entire advice process as smooth and seamless as possible.

If you do not currently subscribe to any of our other services, there will be a £11 per month charge per adviser firm. We will not apply any additional charges for multiple users, or charge extra for additional product types – the entire service will be yours for £11 per month.