Synaptic Comparator

Compotator research tool

Performs millions of charges calculations so you don’t have to 

Synaptic Comparator forms part of the Synaptic Suite, a ‘best advice’ research and compliance tool providing full charges analysis at platform, product, portfolio, fund and adviser charging levels.

You can meet the FCA’s requirement of disclosing investment cost in detail as ‘total solution cost’ or ‘reduction in yield’ figure.

What does it include?

  • Comprehensive cost evaluation – analyse cost at every level of multiple wrappers
  • Evaluate all options – allows you to examine multiple providers and products in single view
  • Full product range represented – Personal Pensions, SIPPs, Onshore and Offshore bonds, ISAs and GIA
  • Switching analysis – compare existing and proposed investments in the same research including pension switching
  • Accuracy – all charging information has been collected and verified by providers, ensuring results are as accurate as Providers’ own illustrations
  • Compliance – the results returned by the engine can be presented in short research reports or as full suitability report with audit trail
  • Critical Yield – provides calculators for Modelling growth rates, maturity values, critical yields and hurdle rates. Extensive reporting allows detailed comparison of existing scheme with stakeholder and open market options

How does it work?

  • Industry’s most powerful calculations engine – regularly performs millions of calculations in a single piece of research
  • Manage portfolios – construct and maintain portfolios with ease
  • Built for your business – collaboration, sharing of portfolios, fund lists, research, compliance monitoring and central administration of licences make this a state of the art solution

What difference will it make to my clients

  • Better investment outcomes – by avoiding unnecessary costs and accessing best value in the ‘whole of market’
  • Value for money – speed and accuracy of research and due diligence will be reflected in higher quality and lower cost of advice

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