Financial Investment Modeller

Investment Risk Rating & Analysis

No better way of risk profiling your clients and managing investment risk

Synaptic Modeller forms part of the Synaptic Suite, a ‘best advice’ research and compliance tool that will integrate into your company’s advice process and provide a repeatable, consistent approach to all aspects of investment risk. 

You can meet the FCA’s requirement of proving that your clients understand the risks they are exposed to.

What does it include?

  • ATRQ - The industry’s most widely used Attitude to Risk Questionnaire
  • Your investment strategy - align your clients’ risk profiles and recommendations to your company’s Strategic Asset Allocations and Risk Categories
  • An objective risk measure for your investment recommendations - achieved via access to the industry’s leading stochastic engine from Moody’s Analytics
  • The reports that you need - in various formats and levels of detail to capture your expertise your way, from graphs and tables to full suitability reporting

How does it work?

  • Analyse all investment types - including multi-asset funds, bespoke and discretionary portfolios, including current holdings
  • Built for your business - collaboration, sharing of research, compliance monitoring and central administration of licences make this a state of the art solution

What difference will it make to my clients?

  • Better  investment  outcomes  - from superior risk analysisand management
  • Achieve ‘Informed’ consent – quantify possible investmentloss and gain using a meaningful and consistent measurementof risk

Did you know?

Synaptic Modeller is aligned to the FCA’s concept of ‘Capacity for Loss’. Providing an objective measure for risk; replacing old fashioned questionnaires, volatility based risk ratings and research offered by Providers.

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