Synaptic Portfolio Builder

Pension and Investment Portfolio software

Building, maintaining, analysing and reporting on investment portfolios 

This is a component within the Synaptic Research Suite that allows you to build and manage portfolios, providing Synaptic Comparator and Modeller access to allow research to be done using actual holdings.

The first screen shows how Portfolios can be built and maintained using the Portfolio and Fund Chooser. Larger portfolios can be built by importing Citicodes from a spreadsheet.

portfolio builder building portfolios

This screen shows extracts from the ‘weighted’ portfolio Fact Sheet that provide an aggregated view of the investment, including asset allocation, risk and performance data.

Portfolio builder portfolio fact sheet

The next screen shows how the Portfolio Wizard will assist in building portfolios to a target asset allocation.

portfolio builder wizard match funds to asset allocation

The next screen shows how the same portfolios can be accessed from different tools within the suite. The appearance is different, but the data is the same.

Portfolio builder from Comparator

The screen below shows the summary table that can be summoned (by clicking on the ‘i’ info button) for each fund in the portfolio detailing asset allocation shown in both FE asset classes and in terms of bespoke investment strategy.

Portfolio builder asset allocation overview