Synaptic Fund Research Tools

Research & Suitability Comparison Software

The foundation of independent financial advice

Synaptic Product and Fund forms part of the Synaptic Suite, a ‘best advice’ research and compliance tool that will provide you with a ‘whole of market’ view of products and funds.

You can meet the FCA’s requirement for proving suitability of your recommendations, including full audit trail.

What does it include?

  • Detailed information about financial products - look up, compare or filter. You can access contract factsheets
  • Detailed information about  funds - includes qualitative view provided by Rayner Spencer Mills, fund promoter and manager information, past performance data and full range of risk metrics. Provide graphs, tables and Fund Factsheets for compliance and client use
  • Know which funds are available in which products and vice versa - the only comprehensive guide which tracks fund AND share class availability by wrapper
  • Full, automatic suitability reporting - with audit trail demonstrating the basis on which product and fund selection has been made

How does it work?

  • Proven methodology to produce suitability report - consisting of:
              Whole of Market view - product or fund sector
              Filtering - elimination of unsuitable contracts
              Recommendation - selection of suitable contract
  • Create research grids - for direct comparison of many columns in a single view
  • Built for your business - collaboration, sharing of research, compliance monitoring and central administration of licences make this a state of the art solution

What difference will it make to my clients?

  • Better advice outcomes  - through quick and expert selection of the right product and fund strategies

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