Synaptic Risk

Synaptic Risk is an integral part of the Synaptic Suite available to all financial advisers. It offers objective research to complement your firm’s qualitative fund analysis.

You can use the Synaptic Risk Ratings to meet FCA requirements around risk and present to clients using attractive and comprehensive risk metrics.

The Synaptic Risk Rating website

The Synaptic Risk table

What does it include?

  • ATRQ – The industry’s most widely used Attitude to Risk Questionnaire
  • Risk Ratings table – a comprehensive table of the providers’ funds and portfolios represented in the ratings, available to download and/or print
  • Risk Fact Sheets – all participating DFM, managed or model portfolio, multi-asset or other funds have unique fact sheets, these show risk ratings in decimalised format, risk metrics from the stochastic modelling and asset allocation data

How does it work?

An objective risk measure for your investment recommendations – achieved via access to the industry’s leading stochastic engine from Moody’s Analytics

What difference will it make to my clients?

  • Better advice outcomes – from superior risk analysis and management
  • Achieve ‘Informed’ consent – quantify possible investment loss and gain using a meaningful and consistent measurement of risk

‘The Synaptic Risk proposition offers the leading risk analysis in a simple, complete package to assist your compliance and ensure buy-in from your clients. This will compliment any qualitative or volatility based research or analysis that you may be relying upon. And it’s free!’

Adam Byford, Managing Director, Synaptic Software Limited

Synaptic Risk factsheet example

Synaptic Risk factsheet example