Synaptic Risk Explorer

Risk profiling and asset allocation research tool

Synaptic Risk Explorer helps professional advisers to deliver on their clients’ financial aspirations while removing compliance and suitability challenges.

Collaborate with your clients, engage them in the financial conversation, and visualise the impact of variables such as inflation, costs and charges, contribution changes and term for investment return, to help them to clearly understand how their investments may perform.

Demonstrate effective decisions and due diligence

Using a best-in-class risk analysis model from Moody’s Analytics, Risk Explorer sits at the heart of the advice process, enabling advisers to provide clear and compliant recommendations that clients find easy to understand. Risk Explorer links your client’s risk attitude with automatic risk profiling of investments, clearly and intuitively demonstrating the suitability of their chosen recommendation.

Reliable and repeatable risk analysis is the basis of explaining the role of risk and reward to clients and acquiring their informed consent. Without an accurate and realistic explanation, clients may be less likely to remain invested for the term of their financial plan. Risk Explorer’s risk analysis model captures a full range of viable investment outcomes, including full representation of sequence risk, stress tests, inflation, interest rates, and other market model inputs. This combined with a visual display of potential outcomes provides a powerful and simple basis for meaningful conversations with clients that build long-lasting relationships based on trust.

Improved operational efficiency

With Risk Explorer, you can take a standardised and consistent approach to risk and investment profiling. It allows you to create a risk-aligned model or bespoke portfolios from the full universe of OEICS, insured, pension or investment trust funds simply and quickly. Comprehensive portfolio factsheets, including past performance, risk metrics and asset allocations breakdown, are available for clients’ chosen strategies. Providing customised reports for more than 50 asset managers’ investment propositions, including multi-asset, discretionary and IDD portfolios, becomes effortless.

Better customer experience

All research data within Risk Explorer is comprehensive, fair, unbiased and unrestricted, allowing for individually researched client solutions. All product and investment proposition data is verified by providers so you can trust the outcomes. Risk Explorer enables your organisation to set a standardised approach to investment advice via a centralised investment proposition, with a clear and auditable pathway to suit your client's needs.

The client risk profiling questionnaire from A2R Risk is accessible from any device via a simple email link. Being able to communicate effectively and transparently establishes trust between adviser and client, creating better outcomes for both.

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