Synaptic Webline Play

Synaptic Webline Play

Webline Play is Synaptic’s new protection lead generation web app that sits within your website. Simple to install and blending seamlessly into any website, advisers and distributors can provide a streamlined customer journey and open up opportunities for business growth.

With all the functionality of Synaptic Webline but in an easily integrated, embedded form, advisers can offer a more direct, improved customer experience with all the information they need to provide effective, tailored advice.

Webline Play Screen

Better for advisers and distributors…

Ideal for small to medium sized financial advisers, Webline Play offers your customers a seamless journey as they move from application to advice. 

  • No need for technical expertise
  • The cost-effective web app is easy to set up and maintain
  • Customisable to reflect your own brand and style
  • Offering real-time access to information – you’ll know more about your customers, enabling you to build better, more collaborative relationships and offer more personalised support
  • With warmer leads, you’ll see an increase in take-up rates
  • Webline Play is simple to use, you’ll receive fewer support calls, freeing up resources to grow your business.

…and better for your customers

  • The user-friendly app can be used with any device and returns quotes to customers instantly
  • With your own brand featured throughout, your customers experience a streamlined transition
  • You’re more informed right from the start, so you’re better placed to create the best possible financial outcomes.

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