Synaptic Update Manager

Synaptic Update Manager is a secure online facility allowing any registered product providers the ability to review and manage the published details of their existing product and company data as stored on the Synaptic database.

Providers are able to add or remove products, verify, edit or simply print the existing data and attach any current special offers, all in a secure environment. For added ease of use, having reviewed the data, providers may determine this is still accurate and submit a 'no changes' declaration. As this is a web application, the service is available at any time.

Whilst intuitive to use, there are supporting guidance notes throughout the application to guide users through the data submission process as well as clear definitions for every product feature and ranking item.

Synaptic Update Manager also hosts supporting information for providers such as our maintenance schedule which lists which product categories are due to be verified and when, as well as the relevant deadlines to ensure the very latest changes are reflected in our next release (unless of course this is embargoed until a future date). Users are able to view a list of all submissions made and the current status (all, awaiting transfer, pending or validated). Submissions are transferred from Update Manager to the Synaptic database for validation by an analyst on the hour every hour between 8am and 4pm weekdays. Once validated, changes are available for users to view the next working day.

Users are also able to write notes to the analyst which will not be published. They are also able to specify whether the changes are to be reflected immediately or from a future date.

Summary of key features

  • Online product update system.
  • Secure user log on.
  • Access to published product maintenance schedule.
  • Product details can be reviewed, printed, added, amended and deleted.
  • Details of available funds linked to products can be managed online.
  • Changes can be communicated in advance with control over publishing date.
  • Details of special offers and promotions can be uploaded and managed online.
  • Status of changes can be reviewed.