Top Tips

We want to make sure you get the most from your Synaptic suite of products. So, we’ve created short videos to show you handy tricks you might not have known you could do with Synaptic Suite.

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Embedded thumbnail for Client Module – Adding a Portfolio into a Holding

Save time by easily pulling funds from a portfolio in Portfolio Builder into a client’s holding instead of adding them one-by-one.

Embedded thumbnail for Improved Client search - Synaptic Suite

Watch our video to see how we've improved the Client search in the Synaptic Suite. 

Embedded thumbnail for Synaptic Comparator – Pulling values into the Critical Yield Calculator

Easily compare growth rates of plans against each other.

Embedded thumbnail for Synaptic Product & Fund Research – Ethical Fact Find

Tailor your client’s specific needs using the Ethical Fact Find within Synaptic Product & Fund Research. Select funds according to what they want to support or avoid.

Embedded thumbnail for Synaptic Risk - Attitude to Risk Questionnaire

Automatically calculate your client's attitude to risk and generate a report in seconds. 

Embedded thumbnail for Synaptic Risk - Paper Attitude to Risk Questionnaire

Quickly download, print and complete the Attitude to Risk Profiler with your client and tally up their risk rating with the Attitude to Risk Scoring Method.

Embedded thumbnail for Synaptic Risk – Using your client’s Attitude to Risk to select a Portfolio or Fund

Learn how to manually set your client’s Attitude to Risk after completing the paper questionnaire, use this to select a fund/portfolio within the Risk Rating area of the suite.

Embedded thumbnail for Synaptic Webline - Critical Illness Table

Use the Critical Illness table in Webline to check which providers cover specific conditions and any notes the provider has supplied.

Embedded thumbnail for Synaptic Webline - Quick Commission

Make rapid commission term amendments on a quote-by-quote basis within the quote form.