An Introduction to Synaptic

Please take a minute to watch our video, it gives an overview of Synaptic’s role in financial services.

Whether you are an Adviser, Paraplanner, Mortgage or Protection specialist, choosing the right research tools and using the software effectively are crucial to giving you the ability to be successful.

Our technology can deliver a number of benefits to you and your company; if you are looking to advance in the areas of: quality of advice, time efficiency or cost saving we would love to show you how we can help.

Synaptic Software supports the delivery of professional advice, if you are:

  • Researching the features of products, platforms or funds
  • Assessing the risk appetite of your customer and aligning this to an appropriate investment strategy
  • Comparing the total solution cost of your recommended stratagem and understanding the impact of using different funds, wrappers or platforms on the clients investment returns (and your income if it is aligned to the same)
  • Illustrating the cost of the more commoditised product lines of Protection (Life, Critical Illness, Income Protection & Menu Protection products) and Annuities
  • Polarizing the differential pricing from individual protection products to bundled menu products  
  • Applying online for Protection (Life, Critical Illness, Income Protection & Menu Protection products)  

We work with the full range of firms and professionals including Nationals, Networks, large and small Advisory firms, Aggregators and online Lead Generators. Whatever the criteria that you are applying in selecting the tools to evidence your expertise, we look forward to showing how our solutions can help drive your business forward.