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Standard and Enhanced Annuity quotes delivered electronically

Everyone agrees that the retirement map has been entirely redrawn with the government’s budget announcements regarding pensions and annuities. Some might think that annuities Armageddon had arrived (there are predictions that up to 90% of the market may disappear). However, the annuity purchase (if not compulsory) must still exist within the retirement planner’s arsenal. Additional options may make retirement planning a more varied exercise, but somewhere in the mix, a ‘guaranteed’ income remains a prudent choice.

Synaptic Software recognises the importance of advice in the purchase of Annuity, and offers the Synaptic Annuity Webline to advisers, in order to provide access to ‘Standard’ and ‘Enhanced’ annuities. Every annuitant deserves to have the ‘Open Market’ fully researched on their behalf, and the rate they are offered should reflect their own circumstances.

Unlike services offered by our competitors, there is no additional cost to requesting annuities quotes.

The Quick Quote

The majority of annuities still go through on ‘Standard terms’, and the ability to access rates is useful as part of any advice process. The versatility of the Synaptic Webline screens offers quick access to individual quotes. These will calculated on the basis of:

  • value of pension
  • spousal benefit
  • age
  • escalation
  • guaranteed period
  • adviser charging

The Enhanced Annuity quote capability

The Synaptic Webline Annuities service offers the current detailed, or ‘quick’ quote service, and newly configured enhanced service that has brought the Common Quotation Request Form (CQRF) online, using the most recent Origo messaging format (v. 3.7). One aspect of these improvements is the facilitation of Adviser charging on the service and inclusion of the full medical questions set.

Full Adviser Charging capability

The new service facilitates adviser charging. You specify the amount and how the charging is to be applied. Automatic filters ensure adherence to RDR rules:

  • an advised sale will only allow adviser charging
  • an execution only case will allow commission or advising charging

Additional features

You can optionally add Synaptic Webline links to your own website to offer quotes to consumers. The “profile” for your Webline account can be tailored to your needs, including:

  • set your own provider / product panel
  • set commission sacrifice levels, by product and provider
  • define compliance text for any consumer-facing web pages
  • create additional log-ons for each user in your firm (at no extra charge)
  • maximise the number of consumer enquiries to your site by request a free listing in our intermediary directory (if Webline quote forms are used in your website)
  • create customer specific demands and needs / suitability letters. (Available at an extra cost).

Multi-Benefit tool

The Multi-Policy Analysis Tool allows you to compare different types of policies from a range of providers. The results are presented in a single matrix. This helps you clearly establish the competitiveness of each provider and their products in isolation, and also demonstrate the total cost of all the selected benefits to your client.

Web services interface

Synaptic Software also offers a number of web services-based interfaces. These facilities enable advisers to build systems that use Webline purely as a quote and electronic new business “black box” engine. Some of our largest user firms adopt this technique for their call centres and introduced business.

Large organization /Distribution Support

Synaptic Webline offers two powerful and unique management control systems, especially designed for use by financial networks, national IFAs, and other larger organisations / distributors.

The sub-agent service is designed for use in a network where a main account (or master agency) is set up by the network principal with each provider. All sub-agents then use this agency – and can benefit from any commission enhancements the network has negotiated. This system is applicable to the following example organisation types: a network consisting of appointed representatives, a national IFA, a bank, building society or insurance company with a team of in-house advisers.

The group administration facility is designed for use by service propositions where, generally, the service owner has less control over their members. This system is applicable to the following example organisation types: a services network consisting of directly authorised firms, an IFA compliance support services company, and a mortgage services network.

Special pricing, terms and conditions apply to these administration products designed for large organisations.

White Labelling

For larger firms, the Synaptic Webline services can be white labelled with the organisation’s own colours, fonts and logos in order to reinforce the firm’s branding when an adviser uses the service.

Our developers will use your colours and motifs to create an account that will, as closely as possible, match your group or your network firm’s existing branding.