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Synaptic Software offers a number of web service based interfaces, enabling advisers to build systems that use Synaptic Webline as a quote and electronic new business “black box” engine, while consumers interact with the adviser’s own web pages. Some of our larger and higher volume user firms adopt this technique for their call centres and introduced business.

Our aim is to deliver security, performance, availability and innovation of our solution to maintain the position of number one Web Service supplier. But what is a web service and how does an XML fit into this solution?

A Web service is a method of communication between two electronic devices over a network. It is a software function provided at a network address over the web with the service always on as in the concept of utility computing*.  An XML Web services provide a way to describe their interfaces in enough detail to allow a user to build a client application to talk to them**. (Source: *Wikipedia.  **Microsoft)

Key to our Web service proposition is the empowerment our clients acquire to deliver financial solutions and services to their customers by licensing our market-leading research and quotation technology. 

Benefits include:

  • The availability of a range of Protection & Annuities products.
  • Freedom for our users to create their very own user interface.
  • The ability to pass quote details and client documents back into a CRM, and the auto-population from a CRM back into Webline.
  • The retrieval of all quote activity to allow the return of a summary of data on all quotes returned.
  • The opportunity to use in the B2B world, although demand for B2B2C has shown phenomenal growth.
  • The functionality to apply directly for providers’ products via their extranet site.
  • Use of SOAP protocol in relation to XML Web Services, providing a robust method of transferring messages, or small amounts of information, over the Internet.
  • The exposure of feature service which provides feature information for the majority of providers’ products.

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