Synaptic Contract Enquiry

The latest contract enquiry technology

Obtain valuations by automated, electronic means

In addition to our existing Contract Enquiry capabilities, we have developed a new ‘Enterprise Messaging Platform’ as part of the new Synaptic Research Suite, designed to support the receipt and delivery of differing message types from product providers to financial intermediaries.

Key services provided by the EMP 

  • manage Commercial and Technical Agreements 
  • manage the provider registration process
  • authenticate the end user 
  • receive and transform bulk valuations generated by the providers 
  • manage success and failure of requests with appropriate responses.

The system is of the most modern and flexible design of its kind, capable of working as a utility in any back office or other system requiring ongoing communication with providers. As an adviser, you register for online services with the relevant providers, in order to take advantage of the one stop valuation process. It is now possible for you to make multiple requests from multiple providers for contract enquiry valuations on behalf of clients in a single transaction.

The first screen shows details of a client’s holding and Contract Enquiry Status.

synaptic contract enquiry settings

The second screen shows details of a client’s holding’s underlying assets and the valuation returned by the provider.

Synaptic Contract Enquiry screen 2

The information returned depends on the information supplied by the provider, but as a minimum should contain client, policy and valuation details, at a summary or transactional level. 

Participating providers

The following are currently part of the service:

  • 7IM
  • Aviva
  • AXA
  • Canada Life
  • Fidelity
  • Friends Life
  • James Hay
  • Nucleus
  • Old Mutual Wealth
  • Prudential
  • Scottish Life
  • Scottish Widows