Rfolios – the investment solution for a mix of investor needs

The RSMR Discretionary Portfolio Service has been created to deliver improved investor outcomes, simplify the advice process and enhance the overall client experience.

Selecting and managing investments requires specialised knowledge and time to maintain suitable client portfolios.

We recognise that financial advisers continue to encounter a very challenging regulatory environment. Selecting and managing investments requires specialised knowledge and time to maintain suitable client portfolios.

The RSMR Discretionary Portfolios are available to match existing or planned advice models, with choice and flexibility being key for the investor and adviser alike. The portfolios increase in risk incrementally and are provided with full asset allocation and back-tested data, so that you can fit the portfolios into your existing risk profiling techniques and overall advice process.

Talking risk & capacity for loss

We accept the importance of your investment advice being matched to the suggested asset allocation of an ATR tool.

We recognise that most advisers encourage their clients to take a long-term view and avoid a reaction to each and every change in market direction. We've therefore focused on taking a strategic approach with each portfolio, with our eye firmly on the three to five-year time horizon. Our shorter term tactical views will be expressed through the funds that we choose. In our experience, this approach provides the most suitable investment process for the majority of clients and avoids unnecessarily high portfolio turnover.

RSMR also believes in building portfolios that aren't just based around numbers – there's no substitute for in-depth conversations with clients that help to develop a qualitative understanding of how much volatility and capacity for potential loss (or gain) they are prepared to accept.

Our portfolios rise incrementally in risk and by making use of the asset allocations we provide for you, together with back-tested risk and performance data, you can map each portfolio to whichever risk profiling process you are using.

Our approach

We know that you may already have a risk profiling and advice process in place and our portfolios have been set up to fit into your existing processes, allowing you to focus on the areas where you add most value, and using us to complement your skills in the others.

Research indicates that the elements where clients believe advisers add most value are fact finding, identifying client needs and goals, assessing appetite for risk and the ongoing service and support.

Other parts of the advice process, such as asset allocation, fund selection, and re-balancing, take time and expertise. Many advisers take the decision to use specialist resources to help, so freeing time for them to focus their skills on the discussion with the client and generating fee income.

We work with you and for the last 14 years our personal and tailored approach has set us apart. Working in partnership with you, we provide:

  • More time for you to focus on growing your business and managing existing client relationships
  • Reduced administrative costs by outsourcing responsibility for investment management decisions delivering an enhanced client service
  • Improved client proposition through access to a range of risk graded discretionary model portfolios – removing the risk of portfolio drift
  • Reduced regulatory risks with the RSMR research team in support of your business

All of our portfolios are constructed using the same rigorous research processes that support our fund ratings, and all the funds in the portfolios will be selected from our rated fund list.


To help you and your clients understand and compare performance, we have constructed composite benchmarks that mirror the strategic asset allocation for each portfolio. We use these benchmarks in our reporting of the portfolios and in the back-testing data that we provide.

Performance reporting and reviews

The portfolios will be monitored, and adjustments made, on an ongoing basis. We will also formally review and report on the portfolios on a quarterly basis. We look not just at the underlying funds, but also at the portfolios as a whole – how they have performed (both in terms of return and risk) in comparison to the benchmark.

Choice and flexibility

We offer choice and flexibility to meet your and your client's needs – each backed by RSMR's expertise and track record.


Fund switches and portfolio rebalancing will take place automatically and you will also have the opportunity to utilise your platform of choice.

Detailed portfolio factsheets are available to support the portfolios, plus our quarterly reporting and also quarterly newsletters for investors.

Our portfolios can be made available on your platform of choice, or if you want to get a white labelled platform we can help set that up through our partnership with regulated fintech firm Hubwise to combine their intelligently designed platform with the proven performance and experience of RSMR.

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Platform of choice

Contact us on 01535 656 555 or enquiries@rsmgroup.co.uk to discuss further.

Important Notice

This is intended for investment professionals and should not be relied upon by private investors or any other persons.

Past performance is not a guide to future performance.  The value of investments and any income from them can fall as well as rise, is not guaranteed and your clients may get back less that they invest.

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